The World Under Duress: Literary Cosmopolitanism, Fugitivity and the Postcolony in Africa. Contemporary Africas, Creative Africas: Conceptual and Methodological Advances in African Studies,Centre for African Studies, University of Leeds 2019.

Postcolonial Genealogies of May ’68: Deleuze, Badiou and the Question of Decolonisation, Double Binds of May ’68 Conference, University of Kent. September 2018.

From ‘World-Ecological’ Literature to Exo-Planetary Fictions. British Comparative Literature Association Annual Postgraduate Conference, University of Warwick 2017.

Thinking Indigeneity Without Nature: Steps Toward an Assemblage Theory of Extinction. 10th International Deleuze Studies Conference, Toronto 2017.

Wound and Diagram: The Postcolonial Ethics of the Event in the Fictions of Dambudzo Marechera. 9th International Deleuze Studies Conference, Roma Tre University, Rome 2016.

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