Foucault contra theory bro.

I think this serious and fundamental relation between struggle and truth, the dimension in which philosophy has developed for centuries and centuries, only dramatizes itself, becomes emaciated, and loses its meaning and effectiveness in polemics within theoretical discourse. So in all of this I will therefore propose only one imperative, but it will be categorical and unconditional: Never engage in polemics.

Foucault, Security, Territory, Population.

Ironically this is especially true of theoretical writing of a post-Focauldian/Deleuzian type in which the aim is always to “apply” concepts to new areas or fields as ready-mades. But this invariably ends up only in a new “image of thought” as Robin Mackay notes in the issue of COLLAPSE dedicated to Deleuze. The objective is or should be a qualitative rather than quantitative difference in perception. I guess this is why I so often feel Deleuze’s point about theory-as-toolbox is abused.


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